Narcissism and Misogyny

A Heterosexual Narcissist views women in two ways simultaneously. 1) with fear, loathing, contempt and anger and 2) as a source of narcissistic supply and sexual satisfaction. This creates a form of cognitive dissonance in the Narcissist’s mind and may be displayed as a form of passive aggression and or actual aggression. For example, if a Narcissist sensed that a woman was flirting with him. He would react indifferently or pretend not to have noticed her advances. Simultaneously, he would be receiving narcissistic supply from her attention to him.

This may also be an attempt to block any form of emotional intimacy/ love in the Narcissists mind which he cannot handle and therefore attempts to diminish its presence through the use of rigid defense mechanisms such as the one above. Domestic Violence may ensue as a result of the Narcissists significant other getting too emotionally close to him. – this text may be freely reproduced on the internet as long as the original source is displayed.

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